A Man’s Mall is His Castle

observe and report

By Rimma Kats

In real life, Seth Rogen is a comedy king and the world is his stage, but in his latest film “Observe and Report” he is a mall security office whose main mission is to stop a flasher.

Rogen plays Ronnie, a mall cop who prides in his job – and why shouldn’t he? Ronnie gets free coffee and some good conversation with the cashier, he fantasizes daily about the perfume girl, Brandi (Anna Faris) and he walks through the mall as if he is the most important thing in it.

When the flasher unveils himself to Brandi, causing her a great deal of trauma, Ronnie vows to keep her safe but can’t because Detective Harrison (Ray Liotta) took the case.

Rogen is used to the comedy scene – he is one of Judd Apatow’s go-to guys. He first starred in Apatow’s “Freaks and Geeks” and more notably, “Knocked Up,” which set him on the comedy map. Rogen has the right formula to play Ronnie, he’s charming and sweet and his stupidity is what makes the film amusingly entertaining.

Faris, who was also born with the comedy gene, plays the perfume girl that Ronnie is smiiten with. Brandi might remind one of Shelley, (Faris’s character in “The House Bunny) with the Playboy-like attire, but with a nasty attitude.

The true star of the movie, however, is Michael Peña who plays Dennis, another mall security officer. Dennis is believe it or not, a lot dumber than Ronnie and with his feminine-like voice and under-rated demeanor he proves that mall cops are exactly who people think they are – losers who couldn’t pass their police examinations.

“Observe and Report” is written and directed by Jody Hill, who is one of the creator’s of HBO’s “Eastbound & Down.” Hill uses Danny McBride, the star of “Eastbound & Down” for a cameo in “Observe and Report.” A cameo that will have many remember his character for a long time.

Although many might be used to the same actors playing these comedic roles, it’s the fact that they play their characters differently that makes Apatow and Hill fans come back for more.

Many might have always wondered what mall cops really do and in “Observe and Report,” they have an inside look at a serious yet, fall-out-of-your-seat-funny interpretation.

Edited: April 6th, 2009