NYGossipGirl Exclusive Interview: Ari Graynor

NYGossipGirl had the pleasure of catching up with the ever-so-lovely Ari Graynor who talked about her new role in The Sitter where she worked alongside Jonah Hill.

Check out our exclusive interview below!

NYGG: So last time we spoke you did Holy Rollers and this is a different feel. What was it like working on a comedy and with Jonah?

Graynor: Working with Jonah was the greatest things ever. He’s one of my favorite people, so funny, so talented. It was like hanging out with your really good friend. It was a lot of fun.

NYGG: What’s your character like?

Graynor: I play Marisa, his very reluctant girlfriend. Kind of using him as an emotional crutch. He’s more into her than she’s into him. She’s sort of nursing her own broken heart. So she’s spending time with him to make her feel good about herself. I go hang out at a party and he’s committed to babysitting. And I use my feminine wiles to come meet me and bring me some drugs [laughs] and he brings the kids along and craziness ensues.

NYGG: And you’ve played so many comedic films in the past. Aside from Holy Rollers are you looking to do more dramatic roles?

Graynor: I am. You know, I have done a lot of dramatic roles in the course of my career, it’s just that in the past couple of years it’s been super comedy-driven. But, I have done Holy Rollers and Conviction and American Crime and I’m also doing a play right now and when it ends in March, hopefully I’ll dive into something a little bit more dramatic.

Posted: December 18th, 2011 under Celebrity Interviews.
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