NYGossipGirl Exclusive Interview: Krysten Ritter

A while ago, I got the pleasure to talk with actress Krysten Ritter about her new film Life Happens and her new show on ABC, Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23.

Check out NYGossipGirl’s exclusive interview with Ritter below!

NYGG: Can you talk about the film and what drew you to the role?

Ritter: Yeah, so the film is called Life Happens and it’s about two girls and one of them gets pregnant and sort of throws a wrench in their fabulous plans. I play the girl who gets pregnant. It’s a buddy comedy, Kate Bosworth is also in it playing a very funny dry character. We have a fabulous cast, Rachel Bilson, Jason Biggs, Seymour Cassel who plays my pop and Rhys Coiro from Entourage, who’s heaven.

NYGG: You also co-wrote the script. Were there any challenges getting it together?

Ritter: Basically, [director] Kat Coiro and I came up with the idea and we were sort of going the Hollywood route and going to development. All the stuff you see in the movies about it being development hell, it’s true! And then one day we said let’s just make this by ourselves with our best friends in our backyard for a nickel and that’s what we did.

NYGG: What was it like playing a pregnant lady, did you learn anything?

Ritter: We skipped that part [laughs]. It’s pre-pregnancy – before and after the birth so I didn’t have to do the bump or anything, but it was fun. It’s challenging having a baby and I think we capture how hard it is in a very realistic and fun way.

NYGG: The film features this great group of girls like you mentioned. Did you guys have a lot of fun filming together?

Ritter: Yeah it was very girly. The director’s a girl, all the producers are girls. Hair and makeup consisted of my best friends. It was a girl party and I think that’s the best kind!

NYGG: Can you talk about your new TV show?

Ritter: Apt. 23 is about a bitch in New York who cons young girls from into giving their life savings to live with her in her apartment. It’s really good , watch it!

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