NYGossipGirl Exclusive Interview: Sebastian Stan

Political Animals is quite frankly one of my favorite shows this summer. It’s entertaining, to the point and features a great ensemble.

NYGossipGirl recently had the pleasure of chatting with Sebastian Stan, one of the show’s stars.

Political Animals follows divorced former First Lady Elaine Barrish (Sigourney Weaver) who is currently serving as the Secretary of State. She finds an unlikely ally in a D.C. journalist who had previously dedicated herself to tearing Barrish to pieces.

Stan plays Thomas Hammond, Elaine’s troubled, openly gay son.

Check out the exclusive interview below!

NYGG: What attracted you to the pilot?

Stan: When I read the script, I was genually interested. Like, after I was done I wanted to know where it was going to go and what was going to happen with these people. And I was like this is intense already. Five more episodes, what’s going to happen next, you know? I also thought it was really well-written and really smart. That got confirmed again when I walked in and saw the screening. I knew what I saw on the page made it to the screen. It’s tough in television because sometimes you start with something and it changes. But what I essentially read is up there. I also love the cast. It’s a great group of people to work with that I want to work with.

NYGG: How did you prepare for it because your character has a lot of layers.

Stan: It’s very hard. There’s a lot of intense stuff going on and it’s exhausting sometimes, but it’s well worth it at the end of the day. The thing about my character is he’s just so unstable. He’s going from 1-10 and you’ll see that as the episodes progress. I did my research on drug addiction and alcoholism. I also researched presidential families like the Kennedys and Clintons. It gave me the idea of what it’s like to grow in the spotlight. What really helped me was that I found about what happened to Paul Newman’s son – he died of an overdose. But, the parallels are so similar it was creeping me out. Because all you know about Paul Newman is all these great things, the amazing work he’s done, his marriage and then his son died. And his son was constantly struggling with drugs and having a problem communicating and he got too lost. That helped me a lot.

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NYGG: I have to ask, are we going to see you in Once Upon a Time Season 2?

Stan: I really don’t know. I love playing that character, it’s a great character. I had a lot of fun, but it really depends on the timing and a lot of different things. So who knows.

NYGG: So what else do you have coming up? Are you going to play the good guy anytime soon?

Stan: I feel like I spend so much time being the good guy in my life, even though no one will probably believe it. I would like to, it would be fun.

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