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Win a That Awkward Moment Prize Pack: NYGossipGirl Contest

To promote the upcoming release of That Awkward Moment, NYGossipGirl is giving away the ultimate prize pack to 2 lucky winners!

That Awkward Moment tells the story of three best friends who find themselves where we’ve all been – at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide “So…where is this going?”

The film stars Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan.

The prize pack, which includes items based on Zac Efron’s costume when he goes to a party in the movie, includes:

1 cock-stirrer
1 martini glass
1 bandana
1 shirt

To win, tell us what your most awkward moment was.

That Awkward Moment comes out in theaters this Friday, Jan. 31!

Edited: January 27th, 2014

Win a The Americans Prize Pack: NYGossipGirl Contest

We know you’re just excited as us for the Season 2 of The Americans. But while we wait in anticipation, let’s gear up for The Americans Season 1, which is available on Blu-ray and DVD February 11!

To celebrate the new release NYGossipGirl is giving one lucky winner the ultimate prize pack. Enter for your chance to win a Blu-ray copy of FX’s sexy, heart pounding, spy thriller and a Russian-styled Ushanka hat!

Be careful where you wear the hat though, your neighbors may begin to think you’re an undercover Russian KGB spy!

To enter for your chance to win, simply answer the below question.

What year was the U.S.S.R officially dissolved?

A) 1972

B) 1991

C) 2003

D) 1983

The Americans follows Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell) who seem to be a typical suburban couple, but they’re actually lethal KGB agents plotting to bring down America. As the Cold War escalates, Philip and Elizabeth must take extreme measures to continue their mission and keep their true identities hidden. But when an FBI agent moves in across the street, they become ensnared in a pulse-pounding game of cat and mouse.

Enter for your chance to win now and don’t forget to follow The Americans on Twitter @TheAmericansFX

Edited: January 24th, 2014

Blu-ray | DVD Review: Don Jon

Don Jon is a great triumph for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut.

Gordon-Levitt, who also wrote the script and stars in the film, gave an honest portrayal of relationships and the unrealistic expectations of porn.

Don Jon follows Don (Gordon-Levitt), an old-fashioned guy who goes to church every week, goes to confession and spends quality time with his family. He also goes clubbing and takes home girls with no strings attached. However, things change once he sets his eyes on Barbara (Scarlett Johansson) and realizes that his old no strings attached mantra won’t work with her.

The film boasts a terrific cast, including Julianne Moore, who plays Esther, a woman Jon meets, Tony Danza, who plays his outspoken father and Brie Larson, whose character speaks volumes without really saying anything.

Gordon-Levitt’s directing is confident and shines through the film. Don Jon is genuine, edgy and in-your-face, but in the best way.

Edited: January 8th, 2014

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