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Kristen Wiig: GQ’s Bro of the Year

In honor of GQ’s Men of the Year, Bridesmaid’s Kristen Wiig is Bro of the Year.

The actress was hailed the coveted title by her Bridesmaid’s costar Jon Hamm.

Here’s a snippet of why Hamm says Wiig deserves the title.

“Kristen is incredibly shy; she has her hoodie pulled up and her sleeves pulled over her hands. But this is a woman who wore coconuts on her tits on SNL; she can go to the craziest, most grotesque places on the planet in character. Kristen came late to performing, and the way she rose through the ranks speaks both to her drive and to her wild talent. The first time I noticed her was watching the SNL sketch “Lady Business.” Kristen’s line was ‘I’m a bitch in the boardroom, a bore in the bedroom, and I’m a bear on the toilet,’ which she delivered with over-the-top seriousness. I thought, ‘My God, this girl is funny.’”

Edited: November 21st, 2011

Jessica Alba: Allure Magazine August 2011

Jessica Alba covers the August issue of Allure magazine. Here’s what the 30-year-old actress opened up about:

On getting engaged at 18: “He was my first real boyfriend. My family – you fall in love, you get married. That’s just the way everybody does it. I didn’t know any different.”

On her motivation to become an actress: “I wanted to never, ever, ever have to worry about money ever in my life, financial security was a huge motivator for me when I was young.”

On her body:“There’s a reason why certain areas of the body are desirable – because it all leads to reproduction. There’s a science behind it all. It’s not just to sell whatever you’re selling on a billboard or a magazine or a movie.”

On her body changing after giving birth: “I can’t ever get down to the weight I was before I had Honor. My body’s just different. The jeans just sort of zip up differently, and things hang differently. It’s a miracle what happens, but you definitely are different afterwards. Unless you’re Gisele.”

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Edited: July 12th, 2011

Kristen Wiig and Rose Byrne: Harper’s Bazaar Shoot

Kristen Wiig, Rose Byrne and their Bridesmaids castmates are all camera ready for a fashion spread in Harper’s Bazaar May 2011 issue.

Pictured are Wiig in Burberry Prorsum, Maya Rudolph in Max Mara, Byrne in Gucci and Melissa McCarthy in Talbots.

The film follows Annie (Wiig), a maid of honor whose life unravels as she leads her best friend, Lillian (Rudolph), and a group of colorful bridesmaids (Byrne, McCarthy, McLendon-Covey and Kemper) on a wild ride down the road to matrimony. Annie’s life is a mess. But when she finds out her lifetime best friend is engaged, she simply must serve as Lillian’s maid of honor. Though lovelorn and broke, Annie bluffs her way through the expensive and bizarre rituals.

Edited: April 20th, 2011

Kate Winslet: Glamour Magazine April 2011

Mildred Pierce actress Kate Winslet looks stunning in a Herve Leger dress on the April cover of Glamour magazine. Here’s what the 35-year-old shared:

On plastic surgery: “No, I have never tried any of that stuff…I don’t have parts of my body that I hate or would like to trade for somebody else’s or wish I could surgically adjust into some fantasy version of what they are.”

On her weight: “I will tell you that when I was heavy, people would say to me – and it was such a backhanded compliment – they would say, ‘You’ve got such a beautiful face,’ in the way of, like, ‘Oh, isn’t it a shame that from the neck down you’re questionable.’ ”

On what it was like to win the Oscar: “I was the kid who never won the races. I never jumped the highest. I wasn’t on the list of the high-achieving. That wasn’t me, so winning the Oscar was like winning all the prizes in one single night that I never won as a kid. For me, it was an internal-fist-pumping moment of yes. I have just wanted to be an actress. That’s always been my goal. I didn’t want to be famous. I wanted to play incredibly challenging, multifaceted characters. Because we are all a puzzle.”

On the challenges of raising kids: “The challenge is making sure that they’re never treated different just because I sometimes am. I always want them to be regular kids who are grateful and respectful of other human beings. I want them to know that when we fly first-class, that they are lucky. The highest compliment I could ever receive about my kids – and I can say that this does happen frequently – is when the in-flight crew say to me, ‘Your children are wonderful. They are so well-behaved.’ Every time I am told that, I could weep.”

Edited: March 3rd, 2011

Victoria Beckham: Allure Magazine March 2011

Victoria Beckham covers the March issue of Allure magazine. Here’s what 36-year-old mom-to-be shared:

On feeling more comfortable in her own skin: “For the first time, I feel like what you see is what you get. This is me: the more natural hair, the slightly more relaxed way of dressing. I feel really content personally and professionally. I’m not freaked out about getting older. I’m growing older with the most amazing man I’ve ever met — with my soul mate. Life’s great.”

On her thin physique: “I’m not one of those people who can’t eat carbs. I eat a lot. I do. I run four miles a day on the treadmill. I know that works for me, so I’ve kind of trained myself. I do lift weights. I’m not very good at soccer.”

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Edited: February 16th, 2011

Mila Kunis: W Magazine March 2011

Black Swan’s Mila Kunis looks stunning on the cover of W magazine’s March issue. Here’s what the 27-year-old actress opened up about.

On never dancing again after taking on the role of a ballet dancer: I had never danced in my life. I trained for four months, seven days a week, five hours a day. I had one day off on my birthday. I lost 20 pounds. I tore a ligament. I dislocated my shoulder. I have two scars on my back. And it was worth every minute. But I will never dance again. I’m a strong believer in mind over matter, but I didn’t fully understand what that meant until this production. I was like, Well—I wear heels; I can do this. I was wrong: Christian Louboutins are uncomfortable, but I screamed the first time I put on a pointe shoe.

On whether it’s difficult for women to be considered both beautiful and funny in Hollywood
I was never raised to think that I was pretty. It’s not that I was raised to think I was unattractive, but it was just never something that was pointed out to me by my family. They would point out personality traits—“Our daughter is really quirky”—versus what I look like, because inevitably, looks go, so it makes no difference.

On whether there was a moment when she decided to be more discerning and selective in her roles?
I didn’t really think of acting as a career. I’m the first person in my family to not be a college graduate. I always associate careers with college diplomas. When I was 22, my contract with That ’70s Show ended, and I had to make a conscious decision about what I wanted to do with my life. During the show, I had attempted to go to college, but I realized that the traffic in L.A. made it too difficult for me to go to school at 6 a.m. and be back at work at 10 a.m. I asked my parents if it was okay if I dropped out. They said okay, you can defer until after your contract with That ’70s Show ends. And then it ended. I realized for the first time that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. So I had to make acting a career—to make smart choices instead of choices made for fun.

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Edited: February 11th, 2011

Lady Gaga: Vogue Magazine March 2011

Lady Gaga rocks a pink wig on the cover of Vogue’s March issue. Here’s what the 24-year-old singer shared.

On how she views herself as a performer: “Speaking purely from a musical standpoint, I think I am a great performer. I am a talented entertainer. I consider myself to have one of the greatest voices in the industry. I consider myself to be one of the greatest songwriters. I wouldn’t say that I am one of the greatest dancers, but I am really quite good at what I do. I think it’s OK to be confident in yourself.”

On her ‘little monsters’: “I see myself in them. I was this really bad, rebellious misfit of a person—I still am—sneaking out, going to clubs, drugs, alcohol, older men, younger men. You imagine it, I did it. I was just a bad kid. And I look at them, and every show there’s a little more eyeliner, a little more freedom, and a little more ‘I don’t give a f–k about the bullies at my school.’ For some reason, the fans didn’t become more Top 40. They become even more of this cult following. It’s very strange and exciting.”

On the instant gratification from fans: “Sometimes, being onstage is like having sex with my fans. They’re the only people on the planet who in an instant can make me just lose it.”

On being musical as a child: “I was a strange, loud little kid who could sit at the piano and kill a Beethoven piece.”

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Edited: February 10th, 2011

Katy Perry: Elle Magazine March 2011

Katy Perry rocks a colorful Gucci outfit on the March issue of Elle magazine. Here’s what the 26-year-old singer opened up about:

On her relationship with Russell Brand: “Everything clicked really fast. We kind of instantly got past all the surfacey stuff. And ever since then, there hasn’t been a dull moment. We both needed balance, and we give that to each other. It wasn’t about me taming him, which is what everyone always says—it was about timing.

On her image: “I was shaped like a square at one time. I was! I’m generally around 130 pounds, which is totally fine for me. But when I was a kid, I was the same height and weighed more like 145. And I had enormous boobs that I didn’t know what to do with, so I wore minimizers, which were not cute. Those thick-ass straps! I got made fun of for the over-the-shoulder boulder holder, and all I wanted was to look like Kate Moss. Little did I know that these things would come in handy someday.”

On what life was like before she was famous: “I had two cars repossessed, and I was writing bad checks, but I gave myself a timeline. I thought, Okay, if I don’t make it by 25, I’m just going to get married and pop out some babies and do some crafts.”

Edited: February 7th, 2011

Mila Kunis Covers LA Times Magazine

Mila Kunis looks white hot on the cover of LA Times’ recent issue.

The spread was photographed by Ruven Afanador and Kunis talks about the success of her Black Swan role and the recognition she’s getting.

Here’s what she shared:

On her career: “I was very lucky to have a show for eight years. Now I can sit back and think about what I want.

On making comedies: “I love doing comedies. They’re just as hard, if not harder, to make work, compared with a drama. You work 17 hours a day, and you have to try to make things different and funny and relatable onscreen all at the same time.

Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky on working with Kunis: “She’ll try anything . . . [Mila is] very, very playful—really willing to experiment.”

Edited: February 4th, 2011

Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue 2011

Hollywood’s finest grace the cover of Vanity Fair’s 17th annual Hollywood Issue.

According to the magazine, the special issue “went back to the basics – no teenagers, no penguins, no full-on nudity, just the most exciting actors and actresses of the moment.

“We wanted to evoke the glamour of 1930s Shanghai, an era of smoky, alluring elegance,” said Jessica Diehl, fashion and style director at Vanity Fair. “We had the gentlemen looking dashing in black tie, whilst the ladies were radiant in spring’s gowns – from Gucci to Yves Saint Laurent – and glittering with diamonds from Chanel and other arbiters of glamour.”

The three-panel foldout was shot in L.A. and New York City and features Jake GyllenhaalRyan ReynoldsAnne Hathaway, James Franco, Jennifer LawrenceAnthony MackieOlivia WildeJesse EisenbergMila Kunis, Robert Duvall, Joseph Gordon-LevittAndrew GarfieldRashida JonesGarrett Hedlund and Noomi Rapace.

What do you think of the cover?

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Edited: February 1st, 2011

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