January 22, 2022

7 Basic Apps to Look for in Google Glass

What is the next step developers can look forward to after mobile application development? Probably that would be something to deal with wearable computers that we are witnessing at the moment. The most prominent among them is the Google Glass. Google Glass has been born of the project Glass research and development venture, which provides the same utility of a smart phone in a hands free format. The device is controlled through the voice commands given by the user. The search engine giant has come up with this device with the notion to make the virtual data much intimate with the user.

The most anticipated things about the device are the apps Fmwhatsapp apk . What apps the device would have in store for us? This article would be dealing with some of the basic apps which are expected to be found in the device.

The Apps that drives the Google glass

The Google Glass can never be considered as a multi-purpose computer. Its architecture is built keeping Google products in mind. The Google glass is the ideal amalgamation of Google+, Google Search and the Gmail.

The more you can relate yourself with the Google ecosystem, the more user-friendly the glass would be for you. So let’s have a look into the app that Google glass has for you through the following lines of the article.

“OK Glass” Launcher

After you wear your Google Glass, the first interface you would be coming across would be that of the “Okay Glass”. You will also find a clock on the same interface. Just say the two simple magic words “OK Glass” and your Google glass is good to go.

For the next command you won’t have to say “Okay Glass” again. Just give the command and the glass would be doing the rest for you. Let’s say, you want to send a message to me that is Sam Martins. Just say send a message to Sam Martins and the glass would search my name from your contacts if it is stored and send it to you. But beware of wrong commands. The glass has the tendency to pick up the words which are being said in the vicinity and come up with something awful. So choose your words wisely.

Google Search

As it has been already discussed that the Google Glass is based on the Google eco-system, Google Search comes up as the first option in the launcher. This version of the Google search prompts you to ask questions. After you ask for the Google glass to search for answers, it comes with results which are fundamentally wild cards. The glass delivers 6 results which are closely or similar to the words which are said by the user. You have to choose the right one for yourselves.

The “Take a picture” app

You are wearing your Google Glass and you have an awe-inspiring view in front of you. You just have to speak the magic words-“Take a Picture”. Voila! The glass would do the exact thing for you. The whole process happens instantly without even flinching your eye or you being provided with any kind of previews. Whatever you would be seeing at the moment would be turned into a photograph and it would be synched privately with your Google + profile.

You can also share it on variable Google based social networking portals such as Google+ friends, Google+ Circle as well as apps. You can transfer the photographs manually through USB cables. A word of advice, just try keeping the frame straight while you take the photograph.

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