September 22, 2021

Vinyl Flooring Care and Maintenance

Linoleum or Vinyl Flooring as it is called today has seen some major improvements over the years and has become one of the easiest flooring types to maintain. Vinyl flooring is normally used in rooms that require extra maintenance as a rule, like kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms. Occasional spills are likely to happen in these rooms from ketchup and hairspray to sand and mud being dropped or brought in, proper daily maintenance will need to be performed to keep your vinyl floors looking great.

Vinyl Flooring – Manufactures usually have their own or recommended cleaning products for their vinyl flooring. Once you purchase your flooring be sure to read their recommendations as some cleaners will actually harm the vinyl’s protective coating and or dull the natural sheen of the flooring. General maintenance is a must sweeping, dust mopping or vacuuming should be a daily routine.

Many manufacturers will have a two or three part Floor Cleaner and Sealer system for keeping the vinyl flooring looking new. This usually consist of a cleaner a stripper and a refinishing product and they each have recommend times for use make sure to follow their recommendations if you want to sustain that just laid down look.

Normally a cleaner will be used on a weekly basis but can be used more often if necessary. It is typically diluted and then used to mop the floor making sure to repeatedly rinse your mop is a good idea on especially dirty floors.

Strippers are commonly used once a year their main purpose is to remove the soapy build up from your normal cleaning and mopping of the floor which does build up after time giving your floor a dull appearance.

The refinishing product is used to help bring back your floors shine. Refinishing should not be done to often so make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations or you may not only ruin your finish you may well void your warranty.

With out proper precaution vinyl flooring can be damaged by moving furniture and appliances so use care when doing so. It would be well forth the cost of getting felt type protectors for furnishings which are used in your rooms with vinyl flooring these can be purchase at most any hardware or flooring store. Chairs and other furniture with rollers on them should not be used on a vinyl floor as these will eventually damage your floor over time.

Should your floor become damage by a small cut or tear it is best to repair these immediately to protect from any further damage that may occur. Using a small amount of the manufacturers recommended seam sealer will seal these cuts and tears and protect your floor from further damage. (Seam sealer is used to bond pieces of vinyl together)

Vinyl flooring is an affordable and durable type of flooring as long as you know its limitations. Following these steps will keep your vinyl floor looking great for years, just remember that vinyl flooring does have its limits. Use felt floor protectors or at least some type of protector on all your furnishings, perform regular maintenance, follow the manufacturers’ schedules for your flooring type, and enjoy your vinyl floors for years.

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